"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.?

When the future founders of FAMM came together for the first time in a living-room in 2006, our motivation was to work for infancy.

With the certainty that we would assign our energy to improve the situation of children, we decided that it would be through Montessori pedagogy how we wanted to contribute to this change.

Why? Because each of us were familiar with Montessori (through Catechesis of Good Shephard, through our children who went to a Montessori school and through books and readings) and because we recognize its "benefits". Because we knew that this method understands the nature of children and respects it with conviction. Because it teaches adults how the child really is and it shows, in a concrete way that can be applied to any field, how to get to know the child and interact with him/her in a natural and respectful way.

In 2007 we defined our mission:

To contribute to children's education in Argentina and South America so they can reach their complete development as humans, through the promotion of principles and pedagogical practices elaborated by Dra. María Montessori, both in public and private education, and formal and not formal one.

In FAMM, we support the integral development of the person in all its dimensions: physycal, psychic, social and spiritual. Only through integral development, humans can have a life that is plentiful and trascendental.

Fundación Argentina María Montessori (FAMM) offers in Argentina training courses for directresses created by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded by María Montessori in 1929. AMI is an NGO with representation in UNESCO since 1985.