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FAMM is a non-profit making organization that works with parents, teachers, professionals and all those dedicated to the full development of children, to find an orderly, practical and complete program for education and the formation of a person, though Montessori Education.

Within this mission, famm collaborates directly with Montessori social projects, preschools, school supports and workshops that serve children from low income families. famm cooperates and actively works with these institutions in the evolution of these educational centres, promoting their establishment and their work, visiting them and providing consultancy with national and foreign staff.

Moreover, famm embraces the importance of teacher training, so it promotes and makes possible that teacher and directors of social projects to be trained as AMI Montessori Directreses, through a scholarship program.

In addition to this, famm organizes campaings of clothes and food donation as voluntary contributions from participants of training events, talks and seminars. It is also permanently willing to link the need of social projects with resources and help from private Montessori schools, individuals, entreprises, and national and international organizations.

Since 2010, famm has formalized its commitment with Montessori environments that work with social purposes, by creating the Montessori Solidarity Network.




famm´s needs are:

  • A physical space of around 200mts2 where we could install and establish different environments, and continue delivering training courses.

  • Funds for our scholarship program dedicated to train teachers working in Montessori environments that work with low income populations.

  • Funds to cover costs of the functioning of our training centre.

If you wish to get to know famm´s work better, please call (+5411) 2827 1795. You can also write to us to

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